pounding coffee...

i think i have finally figured out my personal key to keeping up with my little blog here: sit and type, stream-of-conscious style. no analyzing or fretting about what to say...which is what i tend to do and, ultimately, get nothing done and leave my blog neglected and hanging lonely in cyber-space for months. so, if you like random, let's play. if you don't, pick another blog. also, while i am a total stickler for spelling, i just can't be bothered to hit the shift key to capitalize very often. if you find this annoying or bothersome, you know what to do.

here goes...
*i have been pounding coffee this morning like a mad woman. probably a reaction to the third day in a row stuck in the house with kids.
*i have gotten precious little done, despite being stuck in the house. likely reason: my kiddos...one is sick and extra needy, one is wound up and bouncing off the walls. both are hanging on me. a lot.
*despite the stellar form in the photo above, i am a horrible bowler. now, it could have been the hang-over, it was January 1st after all. it could have been the beers we were drinking while bowling, but i, i will attribute it to Wii bowling. you see, Wii bowling gives one a false sense of being a bowling genius, when truly one is not. like myself.
*my kids are still on Alaska time, which is three hours behind CST. this means they are up late. trying to put them to be is futile and frustrating. the snow days are not helping. i am too selfish to make them get up at what should be their normal time, because i can actually have a little peace. i am too lazy to fight with them at 8pm about staying in their beds and going to sleep. i never said i was an ideal parent.
*time for another cup of coffee. excuse me.
*i'm back.
*i have been obsessively listening to a mix i made on my iPod i call "remember when." it is comprised mostly of songs that remind me of something in the past. and not necessarily the long ago past. maybe just a few months ago. in fact, it is playing as i type. maybe i should share it on the blog. good idea, thanks.
*i am GOING TO DO THIS CHALLENGE. #5, PBP Challenge Blog, founded by my dear friend Sasha Holloway.
*college football is over. nfl football is drawing to a close. this pains me. i will miss football. and watching golf just won't be the same with out Tiger. i admit it. i love Tiger. i had him on a pedestal. this whole infidelity business has pained me greatly. sigh.
*i could learn to love hockey. we went to an Alaska Aces game over Christmas and it was a total blast. i love the primal nature. i like the fights. i like the fast pace.

okay well, i am being summoned back to "real life."


  1. BTW if you want to do hockey, let me know. I've been trying to get some people down for Mavs and Lancers games for a while now.

  2. I completely agree with your thoughts on wii bowling. We went bowling over break, and I was devastated to find I'm near the stellar bowler with wii makes me out to be!
    And..I would LOVE to see your ipod playlist.

  3. love the random (and I totally feel ya on the stuck in the house with the kiddos thing. we're stir-crazy over here and I've run of activities that we haven't already done 100 times.)